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I need more cars to shoot!!!

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Skyline R32

A long overdue set of pictures. This Skyline R32 GTST is that of Alan Bermingham

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So finally i’ve had a chance to put some more pics up on here. Unfortunately the only pics i have are some “lifestyler” ones i took last time i was up at Alans. So since the last time i’ve posted Nick has sold his Blue S13 and gotten himself a nice S14a that came from the Vertex tuning shop in Japan, Alan has also sold his Goldy lookin’ S13 and gotten a lush R32, which i fuckin love, I’m actually very jealous of these guys, because they are buying all the cars i have wanted to own (I dont aspire to much haha), anyway the noise off the RB20 is fuckin sexual, such a good noise. I also sold the fiesta for roughly what i wanted much to the astonishment of everyone (hahahahahahahaha) so finally i can get myself a rwd jap mobile when i can drive again.

Anyway when I was up there i caught some pics of Andy’s S14a (Wide Arched and Super Dished!!!), Evans Civic Type-R and a couple of Als R32 and Nicks S14a

Hopefully i can get some more pics of these cars in the near future, It always seems that people have a million jobs they want to do before they can let me take pics :S

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A random Porsche

Found a photo of a Porsche that was at the cannonball run back in September.

More stuff soon

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Orrrrr Esssss…….Yeah Mate…..Nah she ain tuwbo mate

So to shut up Alan, and to actually show that nor I or the Fiesta is dead i’ve got a lil update. So after the better part of a year a long and painfully drawn out rebuild, my Fiesta RS1800 finally lives again…..Sort of.

Anyway, during the past year….or over the summer mainly I rebuilt most of the car (like 95% of :S). Through the rebuild it got many new parts, now when I saw that, i have done the usual RS owner thing and polish everything to a mirror finish and replace every part with a OEM Old Stock part that cost 50 times the price of what you should pay, But it did get a fully rebuilt engine, complete brand new suspension and some other stuff.

So here are some pictures cause I cant be bothered to say much else….You’ll get the idea from the pictures anyway so yeah.

Oh and it’s for sale too…..not pricey either


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Finally have something for anyone who is still checking my blog. So finally after much waiting Dara finally had his PS13 Silvia ready enough to his liking for me to take pictures of. I have to say I love S13 Silvias.

Also joining in on the shoot was a guy named conor, also a hobby photographer and petrolhead. Conor owns the lush S15 which can be spotted in some of the pictures. Conor also took some pictures on the day (which i have to say are top notch pics). You can see some of Conors pictures on his Flickr account in the following link

So other than that i’ll get on with the pictures.

Comments and criticisms welcome


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Just One…..

For you Alan hahahahaha


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