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  1. Hey Matt, just want to run an idea by you…. trying to organise a gang of s-bodies for a photo shoot towards the end of sept. Have 6 or 7 cars lined up , just need to be confirmed when a date is decided… Was chatting to Joe the west rep on sxoc and he planned to run a west sxoc meet around then too so we could do the two together which could mean an extra car or two… At the moment im thinking the 25th of sept or even the first weekend of october, as Japfest is on the 11th, and pending next weekends results i may not be available the 18th..

    So , would you be interested in doing a feature/photoshoot on our cars &/or sxoc??

    • Hey Simon,

      That sounds good, I’ll have to see what my plans are like for September cause I could be doing away for a couples weeks during but i’m sure i’ll have that figured out beforehand. I’ll keep you updated on my situation but i’m sure we can do something, I could try and drag my brother along with his S14a.


      • Coolio, well the dates can go on another few weekd, i was only thinking about the weather… ya, i mentioned it to nick on sxoc a few weeks back…

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